Julie Kelly
Pro-GMO food blogger who co-authors pieces with Henry I Miller. Her husband is a lobbyist for the agribusiness giant ADM
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An Incoherent Salad Bar of Attacks
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Henry I Miller, Kevin Folta, Stephan Neidenbach

 Gurdev Khush
Consultant at the International Rice Research Institute. Strong supporter of public-private collaborations.
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 Kisan Coordination Committee
One of a cluster of farmer unions in India that, in close coordination with the biotech industry and pro-corporate lobbyists, has promoted GM crops.
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 Dean Kleckner
Former president of American Farm Bureau Federation who champions free trade and GM crops as the key to solving hunger.
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 Aaron Klug
Former president of the Royal Society who was to the fore in the attacks on Dr Pusztai.
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 Muffy Koch
 South Africa
AgBios employee and member of South Africa's GM regulatory bodies at the same time as running her own biotech consultancy, Golden Genomics.
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See also: Golden Genomics, SAGENEJennifer Thomson

 Sir John Krebs
Used his position as first chairman of the Food Standards Agency to promote GM food and attack organic farming.
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