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We must face the harm caused by imported GM soy – Chinese military scientist

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Recently, an article published by Mi Zhen-yu, Former Vice President of China's Academy of Military Science, caused shock waves in China. The article warned of the health hazards of GM soy to the Chinese people.

Below is a summary in English of Mi Zhen-yu's article by Chen-I-wan, advisor to the Committee of Disaster History, China Disaster Prevention Association; and to the Committee of Natural Hazard Prediction, China Geophysics Society.

It seems the Chinese people, like the Americans, are far from being the exemplar of good health that the GM lobbyists pretend when they claim that trillions of GM meals have been eaten with no ill effects. Mi Zhen-yu warns that health in China has declined markedly in recent years and that GM soy cannot be ruled out as a cause.
We must face the harm caused by imported GM soybeans to 1.3 billion Chinese people
Chen I-wan
Chen I-wan's blog, 11 May 2014
[Excerpt only]

"We Must Face the harm caused by imported GM soybeans to 1.3 billion Chinese people" by Mi Zhen-yu was published by the "Science & Technology Abstracts Newspaper" on April 25, 2014. This newspaper, under the leadership of the Ministry of Science & Technology of China, was established in 1992.

The article emphasizes: In 2013, China imported 63.38 million tons of GM soybeans from USA and other countries. Most of China's imported GM soybeans are used to extract soybean food oil (one of the main tradenames is "Golden Fish" ). GM soybean oil, widely used not because of its quality but rather due to its cheap price, has rapidly dominated China's soybean food oil market, covering most of the restaurant industry and canteens in China. The glyphosate residue contained in GM soybean food oil (and GM soybean protein powder processed from GM soybean cake, a by-product of GM soybean food oil) eaten three meals a day, continuously penetrates the bodies of most Chinese, including children at kindergarden, primary school and middle school, university students and teachers, staff members and soldiers of the Chinese army, government staff members, and other consumers (with exception of special food supplied units). During the past 20 years, the health level of the Chinese people has rapidly deteriorated with various diseases rapidly increasing. The situation is shocking. China's national health has deteriorated sharply in recent years. Although weather, water pollution and other factors also exist, the harm from GM soybeans can not be eliminated. Assuring absolute safety of the food supply is a firm policy of the state. On the massive issue of human health and life, we have no room for trial and error. Now is the time to dismantle the "information barrier" on GM food. Concerned departments should seriously carry out epidemiological investigations, face up to reality, control the risks, carry out the prevention priority principle, and adopt effective measures to ensure the bottom line of life and health safety of the people.

The significance of this paper is also related to the status of the author Mi Zhen-yu, Former Vice President, Academy of Military Science, Doctoral tutor, Lieutenant General; National People's Representative of the 8th National People's Congress, Committee member of the 9th National People's Political Consultancy Committee.

The publication of this paper by Mr. Mi sends out a very strong message, it indicates that the serious harm caused by glyphosate, GM food and chemical extracted food oil is not only gaining wider recognition at grass-root levels in China, but also gaining strong recognition among professionals in many fields, including more and more senior military officers.

(Note: Chen I-wan, the translator, is Advisor, Committee of Disaster History to China Disaster Prevention Association, and advisor, Committee of Natural Hazard Prediction to China Geophysics Society.)