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2014 articles

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Doctor analyses link between glyphosate herbicides and fatal kidney disease epidemic01 October 2014
China launches media campaign to back GM crops01 October 2014
Double-talk and half-truths: The fuzzy math of the anti-GMO labelling campaign30 September 2014
Trojan horse trade deal could increase GM food and crops in Europe30 September 2014
Why Jon Entine’s “trillion meal study” won't save us from GMO dangers29 September 2014
GM technology no magic wand for Vietnam’s agriculture – scientists29 September 2014
Indian state of Bihar will block GMO field trials – minister29 September 2014
New book examines WWF's relationship with Monsanto and Big Business28 September 2014
India: Farmers need an alternative to Bt cotton, say experts28 September 2014
French actions aim for moratorium on GMO soy imports27 September 2014
USDA investigates Roundup Ready GM wheat found growing in Montana26 September 2014
GMO test slows hay exports to China26 September 2014
Brazil releases "good" (and non-GM) mosquitoes to fight dengue fever26 September 2014
New generation of GM crops puts agriculture in "crisis situation"26 September 2014
Missed and dismissed: Independent science in pesticide risk assessments24 September 2014
Debunking popular myths about GM crops portrayed in the media24 September 2014
Herbicide and insecticide use on GMO crops skyrocket while pro-GMO media mislead20 September 2014
Kauai council will appeal ruling on pesticides and GMOs19 September 2014
Herbicide resistance in Argentina adds to farmers' woes18 September 2014
GMO safety, weed control top concerns as US study kicks off18 September 2014
Ingredion bans new GMO corn at plant18 September 2014
USDA deregulates new 2,4-D-tolerant corn and soy18 September 2014
Prof Jack Heinemann on vaccines, climate, power, and GMOs18 September 2014
"Monsanto is a monster" – photojournalist17 September 2014
Argentine researcher confirms scientific evidence on harmful effects of agrochemicals17 September 2014
GM lags behind conventional breeding in efforts to create drought-resistant maize – Nature journal17 September 2014
Is Monsanto admitting guilt in "Zombie" GMO wheat settlement?13 September 2014
Cargill sues Syngenta over China GM corn shipments13 September 2014
Philippines: farmers call to stop GMO golden rice trials13 September 2014
Toxic glyphosate herbicides fly under the EU's regulatory radar13 September 2014
Russians eager to say NO to GMOs10 September 2014
Monitoring of GMO field trials a shambles in India – and the USA10 September 2014
Bangladesh research institute admits no independent health tests done on Bt brinjal09 September 2014
EU under pressure to allow GM food imports from US and Canada08 September 2014
Director of Bangladesh research institute gets "furious" when asked about Bt brinjal health effects08 September 2014
Pesticide regulation amid the influence of industry08 September 2014
Pharma corn trial run by man whose previous firm was banned from doing GMO field trials08 September 2014
Brazil evaluates commercial release of GM eucalyptus trees07 September 2014
Troubling inspection reports reveal vast outdoor experimentation in the US with GMO crops06 September 2014
Guatemala strikes down "Monsanto Law"06 September 2014
Responses to Specter's pro-GMO article in the New Yorker05 September 2014
Biofortified continues to misrepresent GMO facts05 September 2014
Guatemala: People reject "Monsanto Law" for threatening food security03 September 2014
German supermarket giants demand return to GMO-free fed poultry02 September 2014
Ruin is forever: Why GMOs should be banned on the basis of the precautionary principle01 September 2014
Seeds of truth: Vandana Shiva responds to Michael Specter01 September 2014
IMF loan for Ukraine may give GMO giant a backdoor into EU01 September 2014
Bangladesh Bt brinjal farmers demand compensation01 September 2014
Study finds Argentina’s soy boom model socially and ecologically unsustainable30 August 2014
GM Bt cotton production risks in Burkina Faso "high" – study30 August 2014
Cornell gets $5.6 million to "depolarize" GMO debate30 August 2014
Why the chief scientific advisor role is part of the problem, not the solution30 August 2014
Biology Fortified, Inc. misleads the public on GMO safety28 August 2014
The myth of GMO labels increasing food prices27 August 2014
Supermarkets must wake up to environmental harm caused by imported GM feed27 August 2014
After 90 percent decline, federal protection sought for monarch butterfly26 August 2014
NGOs and residents respond to Kauai ruling26 August 2014
Federal judge: Kauai's GMO law is invalid25 August 2014
GM mosquito town in Brazil still suffering increased dengue23 August 2014
US bullied Vietnam into not labelling GM foods23 August 2014
GM food, Ukraine, and the return of Hill + Knowlton22 August 2014
The New Yorker, GMOs, and chemical farming: Gunning for Vandana Shiva22 August 2014
India's MPs heading for Monsanto-funded study tour22 August 2014
EPA and USDA poised to approve herbicide with serious long-term health effects21 August 2014
GMO labeling measure makes Colorado’s November ballot21 August 2014
Syngenta can't force Bunge elevator to accept its GMO corn – court 21 August 2014
China pulls plug on GM rice and corn21 August 2014
US politician bought and owned by Big Biotech – and maybe the media too20 August 2014
Science policy is about debate and discussion – not one person working in secret20 August 2014
Tasmania to remain free of GMO for at least five more years19 August 2014
NGO backlash to Chief Scientific Advisor position grows19 August 2014
The GMO Deception: Q&A with Prof Sheldon Krimsky19 August 2014
Russian government approves fines for improper GMO labelling19 August 2014
Keith Kloor: Trash-talking the enviros – or just talking trash?19 August 2014
GM food meets new hurdle in China18 August 2014
Bt corn rootworm resistance in Pennsylvania16 August 2014
Kenya chooses GM and biotech, but there are smarter ways to feed Africa15 August 2014
Genome editing not as precise as it's made out15 August 2014
British think tank tells Africans to grow and eat GMOs15 August 2014
Science academy falters in launch of new GMO study14 August 2014
Roundup sprayed in city parks linked to cancer, study says13 August 2014
Ecover, come clean about using extreme genetic engineering in your products12 August 2014
Laws to veto GM crops set to be scrapped in Western Australia11 August 2014
Scientists appeal to Pope to get GM foods banned in Brazil11 August 2014
Soy trading firms will not buy Monsanto's Intacta RR2 PRO soybeans10 August 2014
Sense About Science misleads public over chief scientific advisor role10 August 2014
Sense About Science leaps to chief scientific advisor's defence09 August 2014
Battle over GMO food labelling heats up09 August 2014
Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit09 August 2014
The new scientism09 August 2014
Black root rot suspected in Louisiana soybeans09 August 2014
US is trying to control food production08 August 2014
Read the emails in the hilarious Monsanto / Mo Rocca / Condé Nast meltdown08 August 2014
The GMO fight ripples down the food chain08 August 2014
GMO tobacco Ebola drug under the spotlight07 August 2014
USDA signals approval of Dow's 2,4-D-resistant seeds07 August 2014
Condé Nast making propaganda for Monsanto06 August 2014
Scientists challenge makeup of panel meant to evaluate GMO risks06 August 2014
When do scholars become advocates?05 August 2014
Farmers, environmental groups defend moratorium of GMO crops on Hawaii’s Big Island05 August 2014