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2011 articles

Title Created Date
Stop all GM research in the public sector30 Dec 2011
Another Bt-cotton variant falls to fraud charges30 Dec 2011
India's "own Bt cotton" has Monsanto gene29 Dec 2011
Study concludes GM food is safe!29 Dec 2011
Unconstitutional, unethical, unscientific28 Dec 2011
More concern voiced on GM fish23 Dec 2011
New consumer lawsuit over not so natural GMO food23 Dec 2011
Transgenes in Mexican maize, ten years on23 Dec 2011
Monsanto corn unlikely to help drought-stricken farmers23 Dec 2011
Peru's moratorium on GM crops comes into law23 Dec 2011
Reactions to Boulder County GMO decision22 Dec 2011
GM mosquitoes in the US22 Dec 2011
GM PR campaign questioned in the European Parliament22 Dec 2011
Why is Karnataka silent on GM crop trial approvals?22 Dec 2011
Big losses for Maharashtra's Bt cotton farmers22 Dec 2011
REVIEW number 31721 Dec 2011
U.S. corn gluten feed imports halted21 Dec 2011
Undisclosed infection calls into question GM salmon claims21 Dec 2011
Indian farm suicides- key facts and figures20 Dec 2011
Is GMO labeling a he-said, she-said debate?20 Dec 2011
Canada's GM policy seen to hurt food safety19 Dec 2011
EC toughens checks as China fails to stop GM rice contamination19 Dec 2011
How Monsanto tried to con Pakistan18 Dec 2011
Are non-GM soy supplies running out?17 Dec 2011
Congress must investigate GM salmon17 Dec 2011
GM plants found outside Swiss laboratories17 Dec 2011
Dust from GMO crops spurs residents' suit17 Dec 2011
Study confirms glyphosate contaminating groundwater17 Dec 2011
EFSA admits Bt maize threat to butterflies13 Dec 2011
Please support GMWatch13 Dec 2011
Unlabeled GM animal feed in Bulgaria13 Dec 2011
Farmers in tech trap13 Dec 2011
USDA works to speed approval of GM crops13 Dec 2011
GM speeding up the tech-pesticide treadmill12 Dec 2011
Poison from the sky10 Dec 2011
Kucinich seeks consumer protection and choice10 Dec 2011
Monsanto denies superinsect problem, despite evidence09 Dec 2011
European ombudsman demands EFSA admit failure09 Dec 2011
Monsanto PR firm Bivings goes belly up08 Dec 2011
Monsanto undermined by damning US report07 Dec 2011
EU chief scientist a GM evangelist 06 Dec 2011
Studies on GMO risk assessment06 Dec 2011
Biotech firm may release GM mosquitoes in US06 Dec 2011
GM risks loom for wheat industry06 Dec 2011
Former Monsanto lobbyist's dark arts exposed06 Dec 2011
Now non-GM purple tomatoes to beat cancer05 Dec 2011
Will Bt cotton increase yields in Pakistan05 Dec 2011
Occupy protestors target GM chillis05 Dec 2011
New front emerges in clone wars03 Dec 2011
EPA seeks information on resistance in GM plants02 Dec 2011
Monsanto corn may be failing in 4 states - EPA02 Dec 2011
Bayer targets non-GMO wheat traits30 Nov 2011
France maintains opposition to GM crops30 Nov 2011
Monsanto's Caribbean experiment29 Nov 2011
Indian government fixing farm suicide figures29 Nov 2011
GM contamination concerns spiralling in Australia28 Nov 2011
India's new GM crops bill is a gross example of corruption26 Nov 2011
Death in GM soya wars23 Nov 2011
Violations of human rights as a result of GM soy23 Nov 2011
Take action! US, Europe, India, Turkey, Australia23 Nov 2011
Rothamsted's GM research a high risk option22 Nov 2011
How much insecticide do Bt plants produce?22 Nov 2011
Roundup of recent GM news via Twitter21 Nov 2011
Former Supreme Court judges oppose GMO bill21 Nov 2011
Review number 31621 Nov 2011
GE law probe a big surprise21 Nov 2011
Bt cotton fails farmers in state21 Nov 2011
Wave of suicides among Indian farmers19 Nov 2011
GM Crops - Contamination without Representation17 Nov 2011
WA's non-GM sector could vanish within 10 years17 Nov 2011
Animal feed factory blocked by anti-GM protest17 Nov 2011
GM-free canola more lucrative for farmers16 Nov 2011
GM tree trials in Sweden, Poland, and Belgium16 Nov 2011
EU tightens control of Chinese rice over GM fears15 Nov 2011
Controlling the 1st link in the food-chain15 Nov 2011
Call for GMO moratorium in Tanzania15 Nov 2011
GM resistance increasing in India13 Nov 2011
Communities stand firm against GMO eggplant13 Nov 2011
Australia's stringently controlled trials?13 Nov 2011
Contamination worsens in Western Australia12 Nov 2011
How EFSA and BASF paved the way for controversial GM crops11 Nov 2011
Vested interests and flawed science behind Amflora GM potato 10 Nov 2011
Insects developing resistance to GM Bt crops10 Nov 2011
Investment advisors call for GMO transparency06 Nov 2011
Peru’s Congress approves 10-year GMO ban05 Nov 2011
Roundup Ready alfalfa damages US seed industry04 Nov 2011
State department pimping for Monsanto - why?03 Nov 2011
U.S. sued over GMO crops in wildlife refuges03 Nov 2011
When trolls do fight03 Nov 2011
Invitation to important debate- Independence of science in regulatory decision-making31 Oct 2011
Gates Foundation "swimming against a tide of informed opinion"31 Oct 2011
'Gathering more momentum' in the UK31 Oct 2011
Ban new Monsanto GM corn30 Oct 2011
Rising trend of farm suicides in India30 Oct 2011
Evaluating the European Union's GMO legislation30 Oct 2011
False climate solutions exposed28 Oct 2011
Lab fight raises U.S. security issues28 Oct 2011
Argentinian report identifies major medical problems associated with RR soy 28 Oct 2011
Food security in the Commonwealth27 Oct 2011
The birds and the bees and the GMOs27 Oct 2011