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2010 articles

Title Created Date
Non-GM drought resistant corn races to the finish line30 Dec 2010
GM and the software analogy30 Dec 2010
Negative economic impact of GM crops30 Dec 2010
Europe, Japan GM canola threat27 Dec 2010
The toxic five: Why are they still in our food? - Inspirational interview with Dr Shiv Chopra25 Dec 2010
India comes together for farmers25 Dec 2010
WikiLeaks cables reveal U.S. sought to retaliate against Europe over Monsanto GM crops - Jeffrey Smith interview25 Dec 2010
Australia: GM contamination of organic crop confirmed25 Dec 2010
Australia: Murray blasts Redman on GM contamination23 Dec 2010
USDA recommends "coexistence" with Monsanto: We say, "Hell, no!"23 Dec 2010
Monsanto to fight GM contaminated organic farmer23 Dec 2010
Philippines: UP Mindanao bows to City Hall, uproots Bt eggplants22 Dec 2010
Open letter opposing release of GMOs in Ecuador22 Dec 2010
Statement of concern from civil society organizations regarding field release of genetically modified mosquitoes22 Dec 2010
Wikileaks: US engineers ways to force feed Europeans with GE crops22 Dec 2010
Hershey deal to supply non-GMO products22 Dec 2010
No labelling for GM food in India20 Dec 2010
City in the Philippines destroys Bt eggplants20 Dec 2010
U of Manitoba home to new Monsanto centre20 Dec 2010
GM debate gets a Polish twist20 Dec 2010
Spain a key ally of pro-GMO America20 Dec 2010
GM corn crops declining in Europe18 Dec 2010
Leaked cables show GM's a key strategic interest18 Dec 2010
UK minister claims labeling for clones impossible17 Dec 2010
Ohio farmers are "snatching up" non-GM seed - but non-GM beet seed is hard to find17 Dec 2010
U.S. Presidential Commission's recommendations on synthetic biology: ' Business as usual' wins out over precaution17 Dec 2010
Cisgenics, intragenics, and non-browning apples - GM lobby doublespeak17 Dec 2010
Non-browning apple slices - another marvel from GM profiteers16 Dec 2010
Unbiased global expert helps Vatican on GM crops15 Dec 2010
GM contamination ”” broken vow fury14 Dec 2010
GM rice trials threaten India14 Dec 2010
Colonialism and GM mosquitoes14 Dec 2010
The internet is being captured by organised trolls - including covert biotech lobbyists14 Dec 2010
Fury as China's pro-GM ministry of agriculture bans GM oil in its kindergarten13 Dec 2010
Turkey: Animal food producers concerned by biosafety law that blocks GM soy and corn13 Dec 2010
Culmination of the Kisan Swaraj Yatra: Sonia Gandhi meets delegation13 Dec 2010
Stop corporate seeds in Pakistan13 Dec 2010
Jeffrey Smith, Michael Hansen vs Pam Ronald on Dr. Oz Show12 Dec 2010
Worms eat into GM crop myth - Insects expected to drop dead thrive on Bt cotton plants12 Dec 2010
No-till: A big white lie?12 Dec 2010
Carbon credits for no-till with GM crops and glyphosate?12 Dec 2010
Comments by Dr Doug Gurian-Sherman on article, "Are GM crops Africa's path to food security?"11 Dec 2010
The great DNA data deficit: Are genes for disease a mirage?10 Dec 2010
Over a million EU citizens finally have their say on GM crops09 Dec 2010
Are GM crops Africa's path to food security?09 Dec 2010
Competition Commission rejects Pioneer Hi-Bred seed takeover09 Dec 2010
Seralini vs Fellous: a GMO libel case over independent expertise and science09 Dec 2010
GM canola contaminates organic farm08 Dec 2010
International coalition calls on Gates Foundation for real solutions to hunger and climate change08 Dec 2010
Leaked cables reveal GMO, agrofuel agendas07 Dec 2010
Bhopal 26 years later - search for justice continues06 Dec 2010
Judge orders sugar beets pulled from soil03 Dec 2010
GM proposal could face legal challenge02 Dec 2010
Wikileaks document pushes GM food for African countries02 Dec 2010
Clearance for field trial of genetically modified rubber?02 Dec 2010
Vatican has not endorsed GM food, official says01 Dec 2010
EU hot air on citizens' opposition to GM01 Dec 2010
Brussels says 1st ever citizens' petition does not count01 Dec 2010
EFSA conflicts of interest01 Dec 2010
Court orders uprooting of GM beets01 Dec 2010
Greenpeace sues chemical and PR firms 01 Dec 2010
Understanding Biosafety - conference proceedings01 Dec 2010
GM food and animals - the year in review30 Nov 2010
Raj Patel on T. J. Buthelezi and Monsanto's Bt cotton project in S. Africa26 Nov 2010
Problems with Monsanto's "new generation" of GM soybeans, RR2 Yield - Study24 Nov 2010
Revealed: The glyphosate research the GM soy lobby doesn't want you to read24 Nov 2010
New study claims FDA review of GM salmon incomplete24 Nov 2010
The great biofuel delusion24 Nov 2010
Corrupting influence of business of biotech24 Nov 2010
Resistant weeds spreading in Canada24 Nov 2010
German court approves GM crop restrictions24 Nov 2010
World Bank-funded biofuel corp massacres six Hondurans / The rush to make agriculture fuel the global economy23 Nov 2010
Big Oil funds biofuels R & D / US corn ethanol "was not a good policy"- Gore23 Nov 2010
Why the secrecy over GM salmon?23 Nov 2010
Norway's minister of agriculture says GM not needed23 Nov 2010
Tell USDA to say no to GM beets21 Nov 2010
Europeans wary of GMO foods20 Nov 2010
Brazil launches GM-free soya program20 Nov 2010
GM salmon hit by large coalition of critics20 Nov 2010
India: Farmers destroy DuPont's GM rice trials19 Nov 2010
Biowatch concerned about monopolisation of South Africa seed industry19 Nov 2010
Pesticide industry involvement in EU risk assessment puts survival of bees at stake19 Nov 2010
Biotech industry spends over half a billion lobbying17 Nov 2010
Interviews - Can GM really feed the world? 17 Nov 2010
Patrick Mulvany on The Economist's GM debate17 Nov 2010
Legal doubts over EU plans16 Nov 2010
Agencies refused to publicize spread of biotech bentgrass16 Nov 2010
Monsanto-ising Indian agriculture - new report16 Nov 2010
UK supermarkets urged to label food that *ISN'T* GM12 Nov 2010
EU looks to tighten GM crop assessments12 Nov 2010
Experts concerned by GM mosquito release12 Nov 2010
Eurobarometer - More Europeans opposed to GM food12 Nov 2010
Taking a slice of the GM rice pie12 Nov 2010
EU Commission's proposed GM national bans may be legally invalid - EU Council Legal Service12 Nov 2010
Open letter to all employees of Monsanto11 Nov 2010
Chuck Benbrook's closing remarks11 Nov 2010
The Economist's GM debate finishes today11 Nov 2010
AGW deniers in ecstasy over Channel 4 documentary10 Nov 2010
Monbiot - What is Stewart Brand's real agenda?10 Nov 2010