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2001 articles

Title Published Date
India needs vigilance against discredited technologies22 Dec 2001
Pants at Christmas! / Bringing Christmas cheer to the vigil21 Dec 2001
Argentina / Bt contamination / Bove / FDA attacks on GM-free labels, etc21 Dec 2001
US, Argentina bullying other countries20 Dec 2001
New biotech "incubation" centre at the John Innes Centre20 Dec 2001
Indian people's campaign against WTO20 Dec 2001
Increasing debt in Green Revolution areas20 Dec 2001
Brazil GM-free corn exports seen at record high20 Dec 2001
Ag groups push biotech in farm bill20 Dec 2001
Taking control over seed19 Dec 2001
GMOs pollute the Saint Laurence; Bt corn toxin has contaminated river sediment19 Dec 2001
Science frenzy set off by hyperbole18 Dec 2001
More elevators requiring GMO segregation18 Dec 2001
Big Pharma on the ropes / More on GE cotton and science fraud18 Dec 2001
Genetix Update - Issue 20 Winter 200117 Dec 2001
GE and world hunger17 Dec 2001
Designer baby opens door to a scientific nightmare17 Dec 2001
Danger in a caterpillar's gut17 Dec 2001
GM food protest at BOCM Pauls and other UK news16 Dec 2001
GM crops have failed15 Dec 2001
Booming GM-free soybeans help boost Brazil's economy15 Dec 2001
Animals say no to GMOs!15 Dec 2001
NCGA attack Bt corn report + URL for full report14 Dec 2001
Fanning the flames with "green terror" - WSJ14 Dec 2001
Cloned monkey embryos - a "gallery of horrors"14 Dec 2001
Terrorists on the march - in America13 Dec 2001
Six on GM crop charge / US patience with Europe wearing thin13 Dec 2001
India's prime minister warned over Bt cotton13 Dec 2001
How a pseudo-scientist duped the media13 Dec 2001
China - Monsanto soybeans / Patent case decision etc.13 Dec 2001
Bt corn has lost farmers about $92 million13 Dec 2001
More on corporate grocer hires Blair aides12 Dec 2001
Maori declare war on GE / Croatia / ETC website12 Dec 2001
Latest SIRCus developments12 Dec 2001
Korea shifts away from US imports12 Dec 2001
Ecoterror - "An overlooked threat to the US"12 Dec 2001
CropGen report highlights absence of evidence on food safety12 Dec 2001
"Bt cotton will kill farmers, financially and literally"12 Dec 2001
Precautionary principle - Michael Pollan11 Dec 2001
Corporate grocer hires Blair aides11 Dec 2001
"Terrorists among us"11 Dec 2001
Indian biosafety under test10 Dec 2001
Genetic pollution10 Dec 2001
Re: Hype, hope and betraying the hungry09 Dec 2001
No 10's press office and the Blairite baroness09 Dec 2001
Hype, hope and betraying the hungry09 Dec 2001
Why farmers don't need Bt corn: cultural management of corn borer08 Dec 2001
Why critical scientists are harassed - money08 Dec 2001
GE insects secretly released in Arizona08 Dec 2001
Prove you're GM-free, farmers told by Unilever07 Dec 2001
Mexican Congress unanimous: "Ban GM corn"07 Dec 2001
IRRI did not betray us, it's simply being true to itself07 Dec 2001
GM promos - CropGen & Monsanto07 Dec 2001
Fast track passage won't defeat the Seattle coalition07 Dec 2001
Farmers air Roundup Ready concerns07 Dec 2001
URLs for Devinder Sharma articles06 Dec 2001
IRRI hit for betraying farmers06 Dec 2001
GMOs pose liability threats for farmers, new paper finds06 Dec 2001
Danish organic feed found to contain GMOs06 Dec 2001
Terrorizing the environment05 Dec 2001
FAO official has it wrong on benefits of transgenic crops05 Dec 2001
Environmentalists stand with conservatives on cloning05 Dec 2001
Conventional vs GE cotton: cutting through the hype05 Dec 2001
Aventis' crap science / Bayer beware!05 Dec 2001
Monsanto / Bayer / Aventis04 Dec 2001
Farmers close down Monsanto office!04 Dec 2001
UK - contamination, mutation & ban03 Dec 2001
The beginning of the end for genetically engineered food?03 Dec 2001
Farmers announce, "We are closing down Monsanto!"03 Dec 2001
Cost of segregating GM food falling - Greenpeace03 Dec 2001
50% of US grain handlers plan to segregate GE & non-GE grains03 Dec 2001
Stott the "voice of reason" for schoolchildren! / Britain's most prolific pro-GE hack02 Dec 2001
Cloning story was PR hype01 Dec 2001
US expert behind anthrax attacks? / GM and bioweapons30 Nov 2001
FoE urges Aventis prosecution30 Nov 2001
Consultation on Emergency Amendment of the Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 200030 Nov 2001
Biotech industry "a bunch of crooks and shysters" - MP / Nature paper30 Nov 2001
Medicalising the food supply29 Nov 2001
Genetic diversity at stake / UC Berkeley finds GE DNA in native Mexican corn29 Nov 2001
Expert warns US agribiz, "Customer is king"29 Nov 2001
Drugs giant drops Monsanto29 Nov 2001
90% of cloned lambs are dying soon after birth29 Nov 2001
"IRRI has betrayed us"29 Nov 2001
The potential of organic and biotechnology cropping methods to feed the world28 Nov 2001
Royal Society panel sceptical about future safety and transparency of biotech research in Canada28 Nov 2001
PR for the Book of Life: Article from The Nation28 Nov 2001
More GE for the kids - New industry activity book!28 Nov 2001
Govt's record on GM fails to protect the environment and consumer choice28 Nov 2001
Cloning for profit and propaganda / New Fast Track alert27 Nov 2001
India unable to handle GM onslaught, critics say26 Nov 2001
Cloned human embryo sparks ethics debate26 Nov 2001
Canada warns that modified crops can spread further than thought26 Nov 2001
Health Canada attacks criticisms of expert panel25 Nov 2001
Forestry group abandons GM trial25 Nov 2001
Dirty tricks campaign to discredit pharma critic / Etc.25 Nov 2001
Urgent action alerts - Say no to Fast Track and cloning24 Nov 2001
GE nightmare in the South - Philippines, India24 Nov 2001
Biotechnology venture hits unexpected snags24 Nov 2001
World food issue hampered by GM23 Nov 2001
Monsanto cases / Store GM Ban / Delhi acts23 Nov 2001