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GM soybeans reduce weight of goats’ offspring – new study02 March 2015
Indian govt minister Menaka Gandhi urges farmers to fight GMOs and neonicotinoids01 March 2015
TTIP could force Germany to abolish plans for labelling of GMO-fed animal products01 March 2015
Agricultural development expert and UN official agree: No consensus on GMO safety01 March 2015
More coverage of Hershey's actions in pulling GMO ingredients from best-selling chocolate bars27 February 2015
Argentina’s GM soybeans are making locals sick25 February 2015
Golden Rice promotional exposed as GMO industry invention24 February 2015
Poison Spring: The secret history of pollution and the EPA23 February 2015
US force feeds GM crops to African nations, says new report23 February 2015
Arkansas farmers say Syngenta tainted grain supply to promote GMO23 February 2015
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Kisses to go non-GMO23 February 2015
Owen Paterson gets his facts wrong in pro-GMO push22 February 2015
Unsafe at any dose?20 February 2015
Thousands of Polish farmers in GMOs, land rights protest20 February 2015
Scientists call on media to honestly report lack of GMO safety consensus19 February 2015
Steve Marsh appeal and other GMO news from Australia19 February 2015
UK public concern about GM foods higher than it’s ever been18 February 2015
Over half the experts in Argentine GMO regulatory body have conflicts of interest with industry18 February 2015
Africa's biotech establishment attacks NGOs opposed to GMO crops17 February 2015
Chinese citizens sue ministry to force disclosure of secret glyphosate study17 February 2015
The truth according to Kevin Folta15 February 2015
Claims of GM feed safety misleading – agricultural consultant15 February 2015
Backlash grows against GM apple15 February 2015
Frito-Lay SunChips test positive for weedkiller and GMOs15 February 2015
Pressure group sues “lawless” Ghana authorities over GM foods13 February 2015
USDA approves GMO Arctic apples despite opposition13 February 2015
Why do people doubt science? Monsanto wants to know13 February 2015
Bt maize outperformed by local non-GM varieties for smallholders in South Africa13 February 2015
A funny thing happened when we criticised Anne Glover12 February 2015
GMO labelling bills in Indiana and Minnesota; Jackson County, Oregon defends GMO ban10 February 2015
Why Mark Lynas Changed His Mind10 February 2015
Correcting misinformation about Pusztai’s findings09 February 2015
Polish farmers blockade motorways across country: Send your support09 February 2015
Five more GM brinjal varieties to be released in Bangladesh this year08 February 2015
Maharashtra’s nod for GM crops field trials: Expert committee toeing industry line07 February 2015
Farmers file more than 360 corn lawsuits against Syngenta07 February 2015
The re-colonization of Africa07 February 2015
Pest resistance to Bt crops in Brazil and India06 February 2015
Hawaii County Council brings Earthjustice attorney into GMO case06 February 2015
Hawaii’s House committee passes pesticide buffer bill06 February 2015
TTIP is a lethal attack on food safety and animal welfare05 February 2015
Monsanto's Roundup blamed for the decline of the monarch butterfly05 February 2015
Why GM is not the natural solution for future farming05 February 2015
UK House of Commons votes to approve human germline genetic engineering04 February 2015
EU-US trade deal threatens food safety04 February 2015
Audit reveals flawed or absent EU GM controls04 February 2015
Glyphosate residues in GM soy caused higher mortality, reduced fertility in water fleas04 February 2015
Farmer organisations in India remain opposed to GM crop trials03 February 2015
Ex-EU science adviser Anne Glover skewered on BBC 03 February 2015
Modi government desperate to introduce GM crops in India?02 February 2015
Monsanto’s newest GM crops may create more problems than they solve02 February 2015
“Suppressed” EU report could have banned pesticides worth billions02 February 2015
Outrage over US secret approval of GM trees30 January 2015
Maharashtra gives nod for field trial of 5 GM crops30 January 2015
GMO Free USA finds GMOs and glyphosate in Kellogg’s Froot Loops29 January 2015
Nothing new: ISAAA’s GM crop statistics for 2014 29 January 2015
“No scientific consensus on GMO safety” statement published in peer-reviewed journal29 January 2015
China GM crop cultivation shrinks28 January 2015
New EU scheme eases way for GMOs without addressing flawed authorisation process28 January 2015
The coming food disaster28 January 2015
Open letter to Commission: new GMOs should not escape regulation28 January 2015
Your financial support needed to help CRIIGEN continue its work27 January 2015
USDA avoids regulating new wave of GM crops27 January 2015
DuPont seed sales dip as pest gains resistance to GM corn27 January 2015
FDA debates releasing GM mosquitoes into Florida Keys26 January 2015
Farmers and NGOs condemn USDA approval of Monsanto’s GM dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton25 January 2015
Regional farmers join legal actions against Syngenta25 January 2015
Row as ex-MEP takes up lobbyist role for GM firm25 January 2015
Monsanto plans first seed plant in Russia24 January 2015
Imported GMOs found growing in South Korea24 January 2015
The EU and GM - Will it “Let GM crops flourish” or stop GM being used under any pretext?24 January 2015
European Court of Justice blocks NGOs’ access to court 23 January 2015
Glyphosate herbicides again implicated in kidney disease in Sri Lankan farm workers22 January 2015
Scientists attempt to prevent GMOs escaping by using synthetic amino acids22 January 2015
Powerful coalition pushes for pesticide-free zones around schools in Hawaii22 January 2015
GM insecticidal plants have no future – study22 January 2015
GMO crops don’t live up to the hype with regards to pest control, research shows22 January 2015
EU’s rat feeding trial with MON810 maize has industry’s footprints all over it22 January 2015
Russian government commission opens door for ban on GMO imports21 January 2015
What Big Food is hiding with its slick PR campaign on GMOs21 January 2015
US farmers are switching to non-GMO crops and feed19 January 2015
Hungarian farm minister advocates GMO-free Europe19 January 2015
Peru’s minister of environment confirms strong stance against GMOs18 January 2015
Aluminium and glyphosate could act synergistically to cause gut and neurological problems18 January 2015
“We are fed up!”: Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin18 January 2015
Tyrone Hayes on crooked science and why we should shun GMOs17 January 2015
USDA ignores farmer opposition, approves Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant seed16 January 2015
“Corporate wolves” will exploit TTIP trade deal, UK MPs warned16 January 2015
EU Agriculture Commissioner promises GMO labelling, despite TTIP16 January 2015
Costa Rica court declares GMO permit process unconstitutional16 January 2015
German Environment Ministry seeks unconditional GMO ban16 January 2015
Glyphosate toxicity in cows successfully treated with charcoal and sauerkraut15 January 2015
EU harvest of GM corn falls 15 January 2015
German regulator leaps to defend glyphosate15 January 2015
Human feeding experiment with GM bananas on hold14 January 2015
European Parliament votes in new era of GMO farming14 January 2015
Peru: Transnationals accused of interfering with GM food laws13 January 2015
Majority of Americans support labelling GM foods, poll shows13 January 2015
MEPs approve national bans on GM crops cultivation13 January 2015
How the Great Food War will be won12 January 2015