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This damning report on GM crops comes from India’s Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture. It cites, among other abuses:

The Committee asked for an end to all GM field trials; recommended an in-depth probe to track the decision making involved in commercial release of Bt cotton, "including how Bt cotton became a priority when the avowed goal of introduction of transgenics in agricultural crops was to ensure and maintain food security"; and asked the government to take into consideration the effects of GM crops on agricultural exports when considering whether to approve them.

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GM Soy: Sustainable? Responsible?

A group of international scientists has released a report detailing health and environmental hazards from the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready soy and the use of glyphosate (Roundup®) herbicide.

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David Andow's report on Monsanto and Bt brinjal: Press release and report

David Andow is an acknowledged international expert on the environmental risks of GE crop plants. This 80 page comprehensive critique of Monsanto’s Dossier and the Bt brinjal Expert Committee II Report (EC II), is an authoritative and meticulous scrutiny of the raw data of the Dossier. Andow lists some 37 studies of which perhaps 1 has been conducted and reported to a satisfactory level by Monsanto.

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An overview of Bt Cotton experience in Karnataka: 2002 to 2009

This brief report reveals the truth behind the claims that Bt Cotton has revolutionised cotton production in Indian. It shows that Bt Cotton has not delivered on its claims and promises.

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Genetically modified canola contamination in Japan

Around Japan, wild-growing genetically modified canola plants have been found at many locations on numerous occasions. This report is a call for genetically modified canola growing wild to be exterminated.

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The "Monsanto-ising" of Indian agriculture

A paper on giving away Indian agriculture on a platter to Monsanto through public-private partnerships.

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A critical look at Golden Rice after nearly 10 years of development

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BT BRINJAL: review of oral toxicity studies in rats

The current food safety studies for Bt brinjal were not conducted in accordance with published standards, did not accurately summarize results, and ignored toxic endpoints for rats fed Bt brinjal.

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