Scuba rice: breeding flood tolerance into Asia's local mega rice varieties (2010)

Indian farmers adopt flood-tolerant rice at unprecedented rates (September 2010). See article for on same story.

Flood-resistant non-GM rice (February 2009)
At the Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), scientists have developed a rice variety with high tolerance to submersion under water for extended periods.

"Snorkel" rice can survive deep water flooding (August 2009)
This rice, which withstands flooding by shooting up in height, has been hyped in many press stories as a triumph of GM. In fact, the "snorkel" genes were identified by marker assisted breeding and transferred into normally non-flood tolerant rice by conventional cross-breeding, none of which involves GM!

Indigenous rice better than GM for dealing with stress (October 2007)
A New Delhi-based NGO, together with farmers from nine Indian states, has developed a register documenting over 2,000 indigenous rice varieties. They say GM rice strains are not only costly to cultivate but also are a poor match to the native strains in fighting pests, diseases and environmental fluctuations.

Sweet potato

Smallholder farmers in Mozambique are growing nutritious and lucrative varieties of orange-fleshed sweet potato, which are are high vitamin, flood-resistant and produce double normal yields (December 2014)