Last chance to have your say – quick and easy action

Don't forget to have your say in the European Commission's public consultation on its plan to weaken or abolish safety regulations around some types of GMOs (gene editing and cisgenesis)!

Over 65,000 people have commented, the vast majority to oppose the Commission's plan.

You have until tomorrow – Friday 22 October at midnight Brussels time – to comment.

It's quick and easy to take action here. A draft has been prepared for you, which you can edit if you like.

You can comment from wherever you are in the world, whether you are within the EU or outside it. If your country isn't listed by name, choose "Other" for "Country".

If you're interested in who has already commented, here's a breakdown by category of respondent and country (click on the tab "Statistics").

GMWatch has submitted a detailed and fully referenced comment via the formal feedback system on the Commission's website here.

We'll soon publish our response on our website.

If you'd prefer to submit a more formal comment, you can do so here. You need to register and keep your response on the Commission's website form to 4000 characters maximum including spaces, though you can also submit longer/more detailed evidence as an attachment, as GMWatch did.