This new GMO is scarier than anything you'll see at Halloween

The Impossible Burger is made with a genetically engineered substance (“heme”) which makes the burgers to appear to “bleed”.

Because this GMO “heme” had never been consumed by humans before, it needed formal FDA approval of “heme” as a colour additive. Despite concerns raised by CFS members, FDA approved this new colour additive unusually quickly.

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed objections to FDA's approval of GMO heme in April. Until FDA responds to the CFS's objections, raw Impossible Burgers cannot be sold in grocery stores.

But grocery stores like Wegmans, Gelson's, and Fairway Market are already selling raw Impossible Burgers illegally.

Now that it's being sold in supermarkets ILLEGALLY, the “heme” in Impossible Burgers is scarier than anything else you'll see this Halloween.

Tell FDA to get GMO heme out of supermarkets until independent testing can be done! Sign the petition here:

Source: Center for Food Safety