The media coverage of the study on the supposed greenhouse-gas impact of Monsanto's GM hormone rBGH has failed to make clear the conflicts of interest in relation to the study.

The paper's authors are Judith L. Capper, Euridice Castaneda-Gutierrez, Roger A. Cady, and Dale E. Bauman.

Coverage has tended to focus on Capper and the fact she's at Cornell. The coverage has failed to mention the fact that one of the authors, Roger Cady, is a full-time employee of Monsanto, holding  the position of Technical Project Manager for POSILAC rbST (aka rBGH) "with the primary  responsibility of ensuring the scientific integrity of Monsanto publications about POSILAC". The conflicts of interest statement accompanying the paper also notes that Cady owns Monsanto stock. It also notes that a second author, Dale Bauman, consults for Monsanto.

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