1.No GM in Mars
2.No GM for Nestle UK

NOTE: A recent BBC news story about Mars using genetics to "improve" the cocoa plant for chocolate, triggered speculation in some quarters that we were well on our way towards genetically engineered mars bars.

The original story's here:

Happily, Mars North America are able to reassure us that that's just a scare story (item 1).

And despite the fact that Peter Brabeck - Chairman of Nestle - seems to love GMOs so much he wants them everywhere, it seems he doesn't love them enough to want them anywhere near Nestle UK's products!! (item 2)

For more on Peter Brabeck's love of GMOs: 613/WBStory/WBwreguly
1. No GM in Mars

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Subject: Fw: BBC News story
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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 20:45:15 -0400

Dear Mr. Williamson,

Thank you for your interest and inquiry regarding the story in today's news about the cocoa genome project that Mars, IBM and USDA-ARS are undertaking.

Mars is interested in traditional breeding and the conventional techniques that farmers have used for years. Unlocking the cocoa genome will eliminate a lot of the guesswork by more quickly and accurately identifying which cocoa trees should be crossed through traditional breeding techniques to get the improved characteristics that farmers need and the industry wants.

Benefits include more pest and disease resistant, more drought tolerant, consistent high quality cocoa and a sustainable crop that can supply cocoa for the long term. But to re-emphasize, we are interested in pursuing traditional breeding.

I hope this answers your question.

Regards, Marlene

Marlene M. Machut
Director, Health & Science Communications, Corporate Affairs
2.No GM for Nestle UK or Ireland

Subject: GM and Nestlé position
From: "Hayes,Elizabeth,CROYDON,Corporate Communications"
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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 15:02:16 -0000

Hi Marcus,

Please see attached Nestlé UK and Ireland's position on GMOs. This does not change following Mr Brabeck's comments.

Best wishes,

Nestlé UK and Nestlé Ireland recognises consumer concerns about different aspects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and therefore continues to provide products made only from ingredients from conventional crops.

In the UK and Ireland:

* We will continue to purchase conventionally derived ingredients or to use alternative ingredients where conventional crop sourcing cannot be guaranteed.

* EU law requires labelling of ingredients and additives made from a GMO. In the UK and Ireland, Nestlé does not use anything requiring labeling as we source ingredients only from conventional crops.

* Nestlé UK and Nestlé Ireland work closely with suppliers, co-manufactures and licensees to ensure that ingredients are sourced only from conventional crops.

As always, the Nestlé aim is to produce quality products that our consumers have come to expect.