This is from the same team - 'The Council for Biotechnology founded in April 2000 by leading biotechnology companies to create a comprehensive communication campaign about biotechnology' - who brought you the (Prakash-edited) 'Your World' material heading into Scottish schools.

To get an idea of their sense of balance check out their website
which is full of articles with titles like, "Biotech: Many Benefits, No Side Effects".

The Prakash GM crop edition of 'Your World' concludes, 'You probably now understand more about these complex issues than most adults. Go and educate your elders!'

You get the picture...

for more examples of industry bio-hype for children see:

for the antidote see 'Genetic engineering for kids' - a website especially for kids (of any age!) courtesy of Tiki the penguin

for more details on how to oppose the GE propaganda campaign in Scottish schools see:
or the campaigns section of the current edition of the Ecologist Dec/Jan


November 26, 2001
Council for Biotechnology Information press release

TORONTO - What is biotechnology, besides a big word? To help kids answer this question, the Council for Biotechnology Information has developed Look Closer at Biotechnology, a 16-page activity book that will lead children to discover how food biotechnology is working in Canada and around the globe to grow more food and help our environment. This book is a great resource both in the classroom and at home.

"This activity book serves as an educational tool to introduce the science of biotechnology to elementary school students and to impart basic knowledge about the role biotechnology plays in food production and agriculture today and in the future," says Ray Mowling, Executive Director, Council for Biotechnology Information (Canada). "It is a first step in providing children with balanced, science-based information about food biotechnology."

Created for third and fourth graders, their teachers and parents, this fun and entertaining activity book incorporates short lessons, word puzzles, games and quizzes to help children learn more about biotechnology. From chapters discussing the origins of biotechnology and how it works to exploring the various disciplines of the scientists involved, the book will help children discover how biotechnology can improve the world we live in.

It also contains a list of additional websites that are useful resources for kids, parents and teachers to find out more on the uses of biotechnology in agriculture and food production.

Available in both English and French, Look Closer at Biotechnology is a free publication available through the Council for Biotechnology Information's website. Simply visit
and select the 'Free Publications' tab on the side navigation bar to order your copy.

The Council for Biotechnology Information is an organization founded by leading biotechnology companies in North America and around the world. Its purpose is to share information about biotechnology with consumers, relying on scientific research, expert opinion and published reports as the basis for its communications.