Robert Paarlberg
Academic, author, and Monsanto advisor who lobbies for GM food and crops. Claims activists in rich countries are denying African farmers access to productive technologies (read: GM) in spite of the fact that there is no evidence that GM crops have increased yields or resistance to drought.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Monsanto

PG Economics
Consultancy publishing regular reports, commissioned by the biotech industry, claiming extraordinary successes with GM crops.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
Article: GMOs cut greenhouse gas emissions, says new report
See also: AgBioForum, Graham Brookes, Peter Barfoot, ISAAA

Pierre Pagesse
President of seed company Limagrain and managing director of its biotech research arm, Biogemma. In 2004 he emerged as leader of a surprising group of radical rural campaigners claiming to be in favour of open-field GM experiments.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Biogemma, Committee of Agricultural Organisations in the European Union, Limagrain

George Paterson
Former director of the Scottish arm of the Food Standards Agency who was allegedly involved in fast-tracking approval of GM foods for Monsanto in his role as a director at Canadian regulator Health Canada.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Food Standards Agency

John Pickett
Fellow of the Royal Society and an expert in plant chemistry who works at Rothamsted Research. Made unsubstantiated claims about Arpad Pusztai's research in a newspaper.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Rothamsted Research, Royal Society

Guy Poppy
Head of biodiversity and ecology at Southampton University and a member of industry lobby group CropGen. Advises UK and EU government bodies on the risks of GM crops.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, CropGen

Ingo Potrykus
Developer of GM Golden Rice, which for 10 years has been touted as having the power to save the people of the develping world from vitamin A deficiency. As of 2009 it is still not available.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Gerard Barry, Golden Rice Network

Doug Powell
Former professor in the department of plant agriculture at the University of Guelph, Canada, known for aggressive attacks on scientists who raise concerns about GM. Lead researcher for the "wormy corn" paper.
GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Shane Morris, Food Safety Network, Life Sciences Network

C. S. Prakash
Runs the pro-GM AgBioWorld website and the AgBioView listserv. Professor in plant molecular genetics and director of the Center for Plant Biotechnology Research at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: AgBioView, AgBioWorld, Mary Murphy, Andura Smetacek

Programme for Biosafety Systems (PBS)
PBS is funded by USAID and run by a consortium of groups, principally IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute). It targets countries in Africa and Asia to help with the "responsible development and safe use of agricultural biotechnology". Run by former Monsanto director, Judy Chambers, and before that Joel Cohen.
Article: USAID in Africa: For the American Corporations
Briefing: Making the World Hungry for GM crops
See also: Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program (ABSP), Judy Chambers, CABIO, Andrew Natsios, Joel Cohen, C. S. Prakash

Progress Educational Trust
Lobby group that opposes restrictions on genetic technologies affecting human fertility. Has strong links with the LM network and the pharmaceutical industry.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Genetic Interest Group, Living Marxism, LM group, Juliet Tizzard

Project 21
An initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a free market foundation with an anti-environmental agenda, which lobbies for the uptake of GM crops in developing countries. Black journalists Glen Ford and Peter Gamble describe it is a "Black front group" and a "network and nursery for aspiring right-wing operatives".
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Niger Innis, Congress of Racial Equality, National Center for Public Policy Research

PRRI – Public Research and Regulation Initiative
nl.png Holland
Lobby group for pro-GM researchers in public institutions. Has strong industry connections.
Profiles: GMWatch SpinProfile
See also: Gerard Barry, CS Prakash