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Hank Campbell
Former President (2015-2018) of the Monsanto-funded American Council on Science and Health (ACSH). Campbell took over the leadership of ACSH from acting president Gilbert Ross, a convicted felon who was jailed for multiple accounts of fraud. Owner of the Science 2.0 blog where he has stirred controversy by posting racist, anti-semitic, eugenic propaganda. Campbell's Science 2.0 Corp nonprofit, chaired by David Zaruk, is a link in a "shady network of for-profits and non-profits helping Monsanto", according to the journalist and NYU professor Charles Seife. Campbell co-authored a book with Alex Berezow on the "anti-scientific left".
Article: Hank Campbell’s Maze of Monsanto-Loving Science Blogs
Science 2.0 refuses to remove Nazi eugenics blog posts
Linked to:
American Council on Science and Health, David ZarukAlex Berezow, Science 2.0Henry I. Miller, Cameron English, Deniers For Hire

Mark Cantley
Former adviser to European Commission, then part of the biotech-industry funded lobby for GM crops CropGen.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: Scientific Alliance

Janet Carpenter
Researcher on GM crop benefits for CropLife International. Previously with industry lobby National Center for Food and Agriculture Policy.
See also: Leonard Gianessi

Sir David Carter
Sense About Science's man at the British Medical Association (BMA).
Artcles: How the BMA report was fixed
Linked to: Sense About Science

Cato Institute
Libertarian think tank, home to Steve Milloy and Ronald Bailey.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: Ronald A. Bailey, Steven J. Milloy

Center for Consumer Freedom
Monsanto-backed lobby run by Rick Berman's PR firm.
Profiles: SourceWatch 
Articles: 5 Astroturf Groups You Should Stop Sharing From
Linked to: Rick Berman, Berman & Co

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Industry-funded lobby group at the centre of anti-environmental movement.
Profiles: Powerbase
Article: The Uncle Tom Award
Linked to:
Ron Arnold, Wise Use Movement, Paul Driessen

Center for Food and Agricultural Research
Front website for Monsanto attacks on its critics.
Profiles: Powerbase
Articles: Corporate Phantoms, Immoral Maize
Linked to: Bivings Group, Jay Byrne

Centre for Research on Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development
Research body headed by the geneticist and "father" of India's "Green Revolution", M. S. Swaminathan.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: M. S. Swaminathan

Judy Chambers
Former director of USAID's Program for Biosafety Systems (PBS). Formerly Director of International Government Affairs at Monsanto and a Senior Advisor to USAID.
Article: PBS Selects New Director
Briefing on USAID: Making the World Hungry for GM crops
Linked to: US Agency for International Development (USAID), Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program (ABSP), CABIO, Joel Cohen

Bruce Chassy
Co-founder and director of the industry front group Academics Review, set up with the help of L. Val Giddings and Jay Byrne. On the board of advisors of the American Council on Science and Health, another industry front group.
Profiles: SourceWatch and Powerbase
Article: Academics Review: The Making of a Monsanto Front Group 
Why Didn’t An Illinois Professor Have To Disclose GMO Funding?
Following an Email Trail: How a Public University Professor Collaborated on a Corporate PR Campaign 
Food Industry Enlisted Academics in G.M.O. Lobbying War, Emails Show
Smelling a Corporate Rat
Linked to: David TribeL. Val Giddings, Jay Byrne, Henry I. Miller, C.S. Prakash, AgBioWorld, Academics Review

Paul Christou
Generated the first commercial GM crop sold by Monsanto and holds inventor status on GMO technology patents, for most of which Monsanto owns the property rights. Former head of the John Innes Centre's Molecular Biotechnology Unit. Recipient of two Gates Foundation grants. Heavily involved in attacks on the research of Ignacio Chapela and Gilles-Éric Séralini.  
Article: Tumorous rats, GM contamination, and hidden conflicts of interest
Linked to: Monsanto, John Innes Centre

Joel Cohen
Former director of USAID's Program for Biosafety Systems (PBS). Prior to PBS, he worked for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), as Senior Biotechnology Specialist, where he collaborated with Monsanto and Florence Wambugu on the GM sweet potato project. Before joining USAID, he worked for Dekalb Plant Genetics. Now with IFPRI.
Profiles: Cohen's own biography
Briefing on USAID: Making the World Hungry for GM crops
Linked to: US Agency for International Development (USAID), Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program (ABSP), Judy Chambers

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Australia's heavily industry-aligned public scientific research body.
Profiles: Powerbase 
Linked to: Maurice Moloney

Communications Trumps
 New Zealand
PR firm that's worked for biotech companies.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: Life Sciences Network, Norrey Simmons

Competitive Enterprise Institute
Libertarian think tank, co-founded AgBioWorld.
Profiles: Powerbase and SourceWatch 
Linked to: Gregory Conko, Ronald Bailey, C.S. Prakash, AgBioWorldRoger Bate, Alison Van Eenennaam

Congress of Racial Equality
Monsanto backed former civil rights group that now lobbies for industry.
Profiles: Powerbase
Article: The Uncle Tom Award
Linked to:
Niger Innis, Paul Driessen, Monsanto, Hugh Grant

Gregory Conko
Director of food safety policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and co-founder of C.S. Prakash's AgBioWorld Foundation.
Powerbase and SourceWatch
Linked to:
AgBioWorld, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Henry I. Miller, C. S. Prakash 

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
Global network of agricultural research centres promoting a corporate pro-GM agenda. Syngenta Foundation on board of directors. Funders include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationInternational Rice Research Institute, Syngenta Foundation 

Consumer Alert
Was a front group lobbying against industry regulation, run by wife of head of Competitive Enterprise InstituteMichael Fumento was a Fellow and wrote many of its policy documents.
Profiles: Powerbase and SourceWatch
Linked to: Henry I. Miller, Elizabeth Whelan, Michael Fumento

Copa Cogeca
 European Union
Agribusiness lobby - hybrid of EU farmers’ unions and companies - actively pushing for deregulation of old and new GMOs and against restrictions on agrochemical use.
Articles: CAP vs Farm to Fork  
Industrial farm lobbies’ coordinated attack on Farm to Fork targets
Linked to: Biogemma, Limagrain, Pierre PagesseCroplife Europe

Cornell Alliance for Science (CAS)
The Cornell Alliance for Science is a PR campaign, and journalist training programme, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that works to increase acceptance of GM foods around the world. Its primary focus is to train fellows in many countries, especially in Africa, to promote and defend GM crops and agrichemicals in their home countries. Its founding director, Sarah Evanega, has claimed CAS is entirely independent of industry but dozens of emails, posted in the UCSF chemical industry documents library, show CAS and Evanega coordinating closely with the agrichemical industry and its front groups on PR initiatives - more about this here
Profiles: USRTK 
Articles: Why is Cornell University hosting a GMO propaganda campaign?
Gates Foundation doubles down on misinformation campaign at Cornell as African leaders call for agroecology 
How the Cornell Alliance for Science Spreads Disinformation on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Report: Messengers of Gates’ Agenda: A Case Study of the Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows Program
Linked to: Mark Lynas, Mary Mangan, Jay Byrne, Owen Paterson, Sarah Evanega, Alison Van Eenennaam, Pamela Ronald, Tony Shelton, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Council for Biotechnology Information
Industry PR body that ran from 2000-2020. Members included biotech companies and their trade bodies. Conduit for industry funding for groups like Academics Review and Global Farmers Network, and project's like Ketchum's GMO Answers..
Articles: Key pesticide industry PR group CBI closes; GMO Answers moves to CropLife
See also: Bayer, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Monsanto, CropLife America, CropLife International, GMO Answers, Academics Review, Global Farmers Network

Michael Craven
New Labour insider and founding partner of GM industry's PR firm of choice, Lexington Communications.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: Lexington Communications, Agricultural Biotechnology Council, CropGen

Biotech industry-funded lobby group aiming to "make a case for GM crops" worldwide. Was chaired by Vivian Moses (died 2017) and run by PR firm Lexington Communications.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: Jonathon Harrington, Lexington Communications, Peter Lutman, Vivian Moses, Bill Macfarlane Smith, Jim Dunwell, Nigel Halford, Guy Poppy 

CropLife America
National lobby for farm chemical and biotech companies.
Profiles: SourceWatch 
Articles: IARC Scientists Defend Glyphosate Cancer Link; Surprised by Industry Assault 
Serious scrutiny needed as EPA seeks input on cancer ties to Monsanto herbicide 
Linked to: CropLife International, CropLife Europe

CropLife Europe
 European Union
EU lobby for farm chemical and biotech companies, formerly known as the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).
Articles: Pesticides lobby tries to dodge civil society criticism
CAP vs Farm to Fork  
Industrial farm lobbies’ coordinated attack on Farm to Fork targets 
Derailing EU rules on new GMOs
Linked to: CropLife AmericaBASFBayerDowDuPontMonsantoSyngenta

CropLife International
A global federation "representing the plant science industry" and led by the big biotech companies.
Profiles: Powerbase
Linked to: CropLife America, CropLife EuropeBASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta

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