Ban will strengthen trust in the state's brand and reflects wish of food exporters.

GMO decision seen as boost to Tasmanian brand
The Advocate, Jan 11 2014

A decision to extend Tasmania's ban on genetically modified plants and animals will strengthen trust in the state's brand among customers of its food products, according to Brand Tasmania executive director Robert Heazlewood.

His comments came after the state government announced on Thursday that the statewide ban on genetically modified organisms would continue indefinitely.

Mr Heazlewood said the decision reflected the wishes of most of the state's major food and beverage exporters.

He said consumers desired GMO-free food.

The decision would not reduce Tasmania's competitiveness with agricultural sectors in other states, Mr Heazlewood said.

Tasmania did not compete in the agricultural markets that GMO currently benefited, including canola, he said.

"At this stage I can't see there's anything we're missing out on."

Lifting the ban would stop Tasmanian exporters selling to markets requiring GMO-free food, including the European Union and Japan, Mr Heazlewood said.