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German "raised without GMOs" label comes to UK

1. Cert ID's "Ohne Gentechnik" opens doors for UK food and feed

2. Email from Happy Egg Co

NOTE: The story in item 1 below came out a month ago, before the recent UK supermarket capitulation to allowing GMOs in their suppliers' poultry feed. The successful German government-backed "Ohne GenTechnik" (without genetic engineering) certification is now available for British producers and retailers who want to show consumers that their products come from animals fed a GM-free diet.

At least one company, the happy egg company (item 2) remains committed to non-GM feed, so it's obviously possible to do this in the UK.
1. Cert ID's "Ohne Gentechnik" opens doors for UK food and feed 12 Mar 2013

Non-GM certification body Cert ID Europe has been approved as the first UK group for VLOG, the German government-backed programme which advocates the labelling of non-genetically modified foods.

Certification to the VLOG standard allows products to be labelled "Ohne GenTechnik" (without genetic engineering) in Germany and approval of Cert ID to carry out audits opens up many opportunities for British food and animal feed manufacturers as well as farmers who wish to export to Germany.

The "Ohne GenTechnik" certification seal can also be used on compliant British meat, dairy, and egg products on sale in the UK – giving suppliers direct access to consumers concerned about the GM content of food.

"Whether it is cars or food, German consumers have always been passionate about quality" said Richard Werran, Managing Director of Cert ID Europe.

"In 2008 the German Government decided to support consumer choice with regard to GMOs and more importantly, animal derivatives such as meat, milk, and eggs that have been produced by feeding the animals a non-GMO diet. The scheme has been a resounding success with more and more food producers subscribing to the programme.

"The Ohne Gentechnik scheme provides food producers and farmers who are rearing animals or producing milk and eggs "GM-free" to now target the German sector and, more exciting, the opportunity for the first non-GMO labelling in the UK. We are delighted to be working with Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik (VLOG) to provide this service”.

Alexander Hissting, General Manager VLOG said: "We're delighted to have Cert ID joining our ranks.

"The "Ohne GenTechnik" seal is welcomed and trusted by more and more German consumers.

"We are pleased by the prospect that quality British food will also be available with “Ohne GenTechnik” labelling in Germany in the near future and that British consumers will also be able to make a clear choice against GMOs in agriculture and food production with their daily food purchase.”
2. Email from happy egg co
18 April 2013

Thank you for your email and interest in the happy egg co.

As you are aware all of our eggs come from special happy egg farms that are free-range. Not only do they have wide open spaces where they are free to roam, they also have trees to play, sandpits to scratch around in, and towers ideal for perching pleasure. This means that the hens enjoy a diet provided within the hen house but can also enjoy exploring around the range and finding natural nibbles too.

All our hens are fed a cereal based diet made up of the highest quality materials which include:
65% Wheat
15% Soya
5% Sunflower
9% Limestone
2% Wheat Feed
2% Fats and Oils
2% Mineral Supplement

Please note that no fats or oils in the birds’ diet are derived from animals and all of the feed is non-GM.

We hope this helps to answer your enquiry, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards
the happy egg co.