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GMWatch under attack

Anyone who found our website unavailable at times yesterday, or who has seen the reduced home page we're currently operating, may perhaps have guessed that we're once again under cyber attack. 

A new campaign of aggressive DDOS attacks reached a new pitch yesterday, but we're doing everything we possibly can to keep our site online. This, of course, is not the first time we've been subject to attempts to shut down our site

In the meantime, don't forget if the site does become unavailable again at any point, you can follow all the latest news and links from us on Twitter, without having to be on Twitter yourself. You can view everything going out on this webpage:

And because of past experince, our GMWatch listservs operate entirely independently of our website, as do our Powerbase profiles.

Let's stay in touch!

PS Our site is also down, but that is for reasons unrelated to the attacks.