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The Monsanto-Federal revolving door, and other news

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Excellent infographic, showing the revolving door of Monsanto and Federal positions

Marion Nestle: Isn't it about time GM foods got labels?

Uncontrolled spread of GM crops: 80% of "wild" canola in North Dakota is GM

Eastman Chemical buy Solutia – the old Monsanto

A Global Day of Action – Shut Down Monsanto!

Just Label It: US consumers demand the right to know what’s in their food – great video.  

Monsanto's Misguided Foray Into GMOs Goes Into the Weeds 

'I'm Eating WHAT?!?' – easy-2-read booklet on health risks of GMO

Will TPP open the door to GM food in Japan? 

Monsanto patent on Indian melon opposed 

Kiwi scientist urges halt to doomsday GM flu research

Urgent Action Needed to Label GMOs in Your State! 

Dow, DuPont fined for rubber price fixing cartel – lose appeal 

Genetically engineered mosquito buzz continues 

Genetically engineered bourbon?! No joke!  

Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition calls for massive protest against GMOs on February 21

Victims of Agrochemicals Break their Silence 

Danes want biotech firms, EU governments to agree GM crop bans

French Food Companies Can Use GMO Free Labels 

Beyond Pesticides Joins Consumer-Backed Effort to Label GM Food in US 

New Consumer Lawsuit Over Not So Natural GMO Food 

Letters to California representative re: GMO foods and failure of California fish labeling bill

Organic farmers in Canada fighting against GM wheat 

Opposition grows to Dow's Agent Orange GM corn

Monsanto partner Scotts Miracle-Gro fined for selling deadly birdseed 

Hey look, here's a new website all about "sustainable agriculture" Oh, and it's by Monsanto 

GMO papayas now entering Japan – 1st shipment Dec 5:

Bill Gates Missteps on Climate & Food 

Monsanto Accused In Suit Tied To Agent Orange 

US National Call-in Day to Walmart: Wed 8 Feb – Stop selling Monsanto's GMO sweet corn

Anonymous Takes Down - Their Message: We Fight for Farmers 

Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto Over 138,000 have now signed! 

Poisoned Partnership: After Outrage, NWF Dumps Monsanto's Partner Scotts Miracle-Gro Deal 

California Medical Association SUPPORTS THE LABELING OF GMOs 

Americans demand GMO food labelling – The Ecologist:

Super Weeds and Wonder Worms: GMO Corn's Legion of Doom 

National Summit on Herbicide-Resistant Weeds – "threatening crop production across the US" 

GMOs on public land to become political battlefield in Boulder County Countywide vote sought 

Making Poisonous Plants Edible With GM 

Mexico Doesn't Need Monsanto's Wonder Seeds, Either 

Washington State to Hold Public Hearings on GM Food Label Bills

Should scientists who issue misplaced reassurances be liable for the consequences? 

Washington Post: Petition to Obama urges cutting ties to Monsanto 

Busting the myths about organics – OTA 

Monsanto's new seeds could be a tech dead-end 

Philippines: Scientists, farmers protest vs. manual on genetically modified organisms 

Groups nix biosafety consultation fraud in Philippines 

Information On the Free Release of GM Insects Into the Wild Is Highly Restricted

MADGE analysis of Monsanto GM canola data... higher death rates, data written in pencil etc.