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Danish farmer Ib Borup Pedersen

Danish pig farmer Ib Borup Pedersen believes that glyphosate damages pigs and that it should be banned, according to an article in, the main farming newspaper in Denmark.

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Brazil's public prosecutor wants to ban glyphosate

The Brazilian Federal Public Prosecutor has requested the Justice Dept to suspend the use of glyphosate - the most widely used herbicide in Brazil - as well as other herbicides.

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Karnataka bans Mahyco's Bt cotton seeds after crop failure

Cotton Fields

The Karnataka government has banned the sale of Mahyco's Bt and hybrid seeds in the state, following reports of their failure.

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In historic ruling, Brazilian court bans release of Bayer GM corn

Brazilian court prevents the release of transgenic corn from Bayer

Decision creates new legal precedent and may serve to force review of all the other commercial releases of GMOs in Brazil.

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Scientists' hidden links to the GM food giants

 Scientists with hidden links to GM food giants

The authors of a study calling for GM crops to be fast-tracked into Britain’s farms and kitchens all have links to the industry - though it was presented as the work of "independent" scientists and was published by a government advisory body.

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What do climate denial and promoting GMOs have in common?

Patrick Moore and murdering bastards quote

Climate denial and promoting GMOs are both about defending big corporate interests.

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European scientists descend on Africa to promote GM crops

African farmer watering crop

Africa is expected to be the next target of GM food companies, as European scientists and policymakers travel to Ethiopia to boost the prospect of growing more of the controversial crops on the continent.

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The infanticide advocate promoting golden rice

Peter Singer

An advocate of infanticide for disabled babies is the latest addition to those claiming the moral high ground over golden rice.

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GM potato research a waste of money

Potatoes and the John Innes Centre

The John Innes Centre has spent over GBP3 million of taxpayers' money to produce a deceptive piece of research on GM potatoes that deliberately excluded already available non-GM blight-resistant potatoes.

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Massive GMO crop failure in Philippines

Corn pests

Please spread this shocking video about the reality of GMO corn farming in the Philippines far and wide.

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