GMWatch Home, 30 Jan 2015 15:05:28 +0000Joomla! - Open Source Content Managementen-gbOxford Real Farming Conference: Power, lies, and agrarian resistance Oxford Real Farming Conference

Colin Tudge - co-founder of this week's Oxford Real Farming Conference - examines the growing need for an agrarian renaissance to tackle the increasingly obvious failings of neoliberal agriculture
]]> (Annie)Featured2015ArchiveNewsSun, 04 Jan 2015 19:28:16 +0000Stacking traits in a GMO is found to cause unexpected synergistic effects

Prof Rubens Onofre Nodari and team

New study reveals safety testing of stacked trait GMOs inadequate

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EU deal fails to provide full legal certainty for countries wanting to ban GM plantings

Brussels anti-gmo protest

Re-nationalisation of GMO decisions could be Trojan Horse allowing GMOs to flow into Europe, warns Green spokesperson

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UN: GM soy agricultural model endangering Paraguayan indigenous right to land children

The GM soy-exporting model is particularly threatening indigenous peoples’ cultures and survival, said the UN special rapporteur

]]> (Annie)Featured2014ArchiveNewsSun, 30 Nov 2014 20:56:54 +0000Filipino farmers protest government research on GM golden rice

filipino farmers protest

Protesting farmers deliver petition against any extension, renewal, or issuance of a new biosafety permit for further field testing, feeding trials, or commercialisation of golden rice

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“Green Super Rice” can help feed the world’s poor, say developers

super green rice

New non-GMO strains are resistant to salinity from rising seas, impervious to drought and disease and can achieve above-average yields without the use of fertilizers or pesticides

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Largest international study into safety of GM food launched by Russian NGO

Worlds Largest GMO Safety Study

Rats to be fed Monsanto maize diets in a $23m, three-year "Factor GMO" study into long-term health effects of GM food and associated pesticides

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Patrick Moore, Ambassador for EXPO 2015?

Is Patrick Moore fit to represent science?

GMO supporters promote climate denialist and corporate front man as champion of science*

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Pro-GMO database: Monsanto is most common funder of GMO research

Biology falsified

Biofortified also mislabels funders as independent when they are not

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Why Jon Entine’s “trillion meal study” won't save us from GMO dangers

 untrustworthy burger

Entine’s new “big list of studies” tells us very little about GMO safety, writes Claire Robinson

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