GMWatch Home, 01 Oct 2014 14:15:01 +0000Joomla! - Open Source Content Managementen-gbWhy Jon Entine’s “trillion meal study” won't save us from GMO dangers

 untrustworthy burger

Entine’s new “big list of studies” tells us very little about GMO safety, writes Claire Robinson

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USDA investigates Roundup Ready GM wheat found growing in Montana

Sunset over wheat field

Agency clueless on how GM wheat got into Oregon field

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French actions aim for moratorium on GMO soy imports

Actions by Faucheurs Volontaires

Leaflets distributed to advise the public of the issues at stake

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"Monsanto is a monster" – photojournalist

stories from a wounded land photos

Exhibition documents terrible impacts of GMO agriculture in Argentina

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Argentine researcher confirms scientific evidence on harmful effects of agrochemicals

Dr Raul Horacio Lucero

Preliminary results show severe damage to the human genome in sprayed populations in GM soy-producing areas

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Biofortified continues to misrepresent GMO facts

surprise surprise continues to mislead

Pro-GMO group claims to champion science but promotes corporate talking points, writes Claire Robinson

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Bangladesh Bt brinjal farmers demand compensation

Bt brinjal farmers demand compensation

Farmers say they were "fooled" and used as "guinea pigs" for failed crop

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Biology Fortified, Inc. misleads the public on GMO safety

Are bio-fortified misleading the public

Another "big list of studies" on GMO safety rolls off the production line – but much of what's being said about it is demonstrably false, says Claire Robinson

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Keith Kloor: Trash-talking the enviros – or just talking trash?

Keith Kloor doing a drive-by

Blogger Keith Kloor doesn’t like environmentalists – and is a stranger to science and logic, writes Jonathan Matthews

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British think tank tells Africans to grow and eat GMOs

Chatham House, GM and Africa

Chatham House report misleads about GMO risks and promises, writes Claire Robinson

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