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Owen Paterson emotive poem about golden rice

Owen Paterson tweets emotive poem about vitamin A deficiency that turns out to have been written by a GMO industry employee based in the UK

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Owen Paterson gets his facts wrong in pro-GMO push


Wrong again Owen Paterson

Paterson deceives the media over GMO Golden Rice

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Unsafe at any dose?

Derek Bickerton demolishes GMO pesticide claims

Why we no longer have to take notice of claims that GMO crops and herbicides are not causing us harm

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Thousands of Polish farmers in GMOs, land rights protest

Thousands of Polish farmers anti-GM march in Warsaw

Polish government destroying roots of agriculture, say protesters

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Scientists call on media to honestly report lack of GMO safety consensus

Scientific consensus on GMOs is an artificial construct

Following GMO apple approval, scientists and consumer watchdog groups highlight need for accurate media coverage on GMO science

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Over half the experts in Argentine GMO regulatory body have conflicts of interest with industry

Shady business men

People with links to Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow evaluate the safety of the GMOs submitted for approval by these same companies

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The truth according to Kevin Folta

Kevin Folta talking about GMOs

The pro-GMO scientist Kevin Folta says he bases his statements on GMO safety on science – but some of his views look more like ideology. An expert in nutrition and public health weighs in with a commentary exclusive to GMWatch

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A funny thing happened when we criticised Anne Glover

Ian George? Never heard of him

Will Anne Glover reveal her mystery defender?

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Why Mark Lynas Changed His Mind mind climate change - Dominic Lawson and Mark Lynas

Lynas continues to build his career as an aggressive promoter of GMOs. Jonathan Matthews reports

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Why GM is not the natural solution for future farming

Wheat field

An article by the editor of Nature journal about a containment system for GMOs misleads the public, writes Claire Robinson

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