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Must see videos

This section contains some of the most compelling videos we've come across. They cover a wide variety of topics as we've cherry picked from all the different categories.

Among our absolute favourites is this extract from the film The Corporation about how Monsanto got Fox News to kill an investigative news report into its genetically engineered cattle hormone.

Another treat is hearing razor-sharp economist Dr Raj Patel put the case against globalized corporate agriculture, including GMOs, and its efforts to marginalise the planet-wide push for a more environmentally sensitive approach to food production (agroecology).

Fox News kills Monsanto story

The extraordinary story of the suppression by Fox News executives of an investigative news report on a genetically engineered hormone. The story was killed after pressure from the corporation that developed it - Monsanto, which is affiliated with top Fox advertisers. The station first asked the journalists to change the story and when they refused, Fox then offered to pay the reporters to keep quiet, before finally firing them and refusing to air their report. (Time 9:59)

GMO Monsanto vs Percy Schmeiser

Percy Schmeiser has been growing canola for 40 years. He's been experimenting, developing his own varieties, using his own seed. Then Monsanto, the giant multinational agro-chemical company that is at the forefront of developing genetically modified foods, accused him of patent infringement and demanded restitution for its seeds. They stole his plants, seeds and research because of cross-pollination with GMO plants that other people had planted. If GMOs contaminate your crops, Monsanto owns your crop and will sue you. "I never put those plants on my land," says Schmeiser. "The question is, where do Monsanto's rights end and mine begin?" (Time 13:28)

A Disaster in Search of Success - Bt Cotton in Global South

The Deccan Development Society aims to warn farmers of the dangers of introducing Bt Cotton and other GMOs onto their farms. This video, made by The Community Media Trust, a wing of the Deccan Development Society, charts the negative impact Bt Cotton has on farmers in the global South. (Time: 50:04)

Monsanto vs Seed Cleaner Moe Parr

Moe Parr is a seed cleaner in Indiana, USA. In February 2007, Monsanto initiated a lawsuit against him. The biotech company claimed that Moe had encouraged GM soybean farmers to save their seed. Moe is one of many farmers in North America who've faced coercion from Monsanto through legal and economic pressure. (Time: 2:13)

A Silent Forest

The Growing Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees. This award winning documentary film explores the growing global threat of genetically engineered trees to our environment and to human health. The film features renowned geneticist and host of PBS' The Nature of Things David Suzuki, who explores the unknown and possibly disastrous consequences of improperly tested GE methods.(Total time 46:16)

Monsanto Will Own All Seed

US courts have ruled that even if a farmer's plants are accidentally pollinated by Monsanto's GM seed, the resulting seeds and plants are the property of Monsanto. Monsanto budgets $10 million each years to investigate and sue farmers who are not paying royalties. (Total time: 9:55)

Farmers speak: bust up Big Ag

There are 2 million farmers and 300 million consumers in the US. Standing in between are a handful of companies who control how food gets from one side to the other. (Time 7:25)

Killing Fields: The True Cost of Cheap Meat

Much of the cheap meat and dairy produce sold in supermarkets is only made possible as a result of serious human rights abuses and environmental damage in one of Latin America's most impoverished countries. This film documents the experiences of some of those caught up in Paraguay's growing conflict over soy farming. (Time 10:00)

The Future of Food

The Future of Food, a groundbreaking documentary released in 2004, distills the complex technology and key regulatory, legal, ethical, environmental and consumer issues surrounding the troubling changes happening in the food system today – genetically engineered foods, patenting, and the corporatization of food – into terms the average person can easily understand. It empowers consumers to understand the consequences of their food choices on our future. (Time 9:49)

Stuffed, Starved and Sprayed: Raj Patel on GM crops, Agroecology and Globalized Corporate Agriculture

Raj Patel has degrees from the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Cornell University, and has worked for the World Bank and WTO. Among other books he is the author of Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World's Food System ( Here he talks about GM crops and globalized corporate agriculture, as well as the planet-wide democratic push for 'agro-ecology,' and their relation to California's movement to Stop the Spray. (Time 24:46)

The World According to Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto is an in-depth documentary that looks at the domination of the agricultural industry by one of the world’s most insidious and powerful companies. This is a powerful, must-see film for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes world of the food industry, and shows how just one world-dominating corporation holds the keys and patents to much of the world's food supply. (Time 1:49:01)