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Animals videos

Transgenic animals have been genetically engineered to carry genes from other species. The biotech industry claims that through GM it can create larger sheep that grow more wool, cows that produce insulin in their milk and goats that produce spider silk for materials production.

Jeffrey Smith on GM salmon

Jeffrey Smith stops by UW Radio to discuss the questionable acts of the FDA regarding the pending approval of GM salmon. Sean and Jeffrey address the dangers of consuming GM salmon and the potential negative effects of GM salmon on the environment. (Time: 4:31)

Stop Frankenfish

Learn more how you can stop Frankenfish and the FDA approval of genetically engineered salmon by going to (Time: 1:24)

Problems with GM fish

A company in Massachusetts says it is close to receiving FDA approval to start selling genetically modified salmon – which would be the first transgenic animal sold in America for consumption. (Time: 34:40)

Patent For a Pig

As a powerful corporate giant attempts to patent living genetic material, this film asks what the consequences are for mankind. (Time 42:46)