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2003 articles

Title Created Date
Mix-up leaves biotech project at CSUS withering on the vine31 Dec 2003
Judge OKs genetically modified crop ban vote31 Dec 2003
INDIA: 'Genetic engineering not an answer to hunger' - Devinder Sharma's new book and latest article31 Dec 2003
'GM Food and Hunger: A View from the South'/Gene Campaign's 2-day symposium - findings31 Dec 2003
Iowa State University researchers test consumer acceptance of GM food30 Dec 2003
Contamination and law30 Dec 2003
The Wisdom Of Animals29 Dec 2003
Tewolde Egziabher responds to Nuffield's Corporate Trawling Seed Net29 Dec 2003
Nuffield report about job security for the rich, not food security for the poor - Devinder Sharma29 Dec 2003
No one hears us. Kindly tell our agonies to your scientists28 Dec 2003
Britain 'has moral duty to fund GM research'28 Dec 2003
Biotech giants launch lawsuit against a GM-free Mendocino26 Dec 2003
Save Our Seeds news roundup23 Dec 2003
Six UK GM seed applications withdrawn by Bayer19 Dec 2003
Winston attacked by the Usual Suspects18 Dec 2003
Uganda's President Museveni says 'no' to GMO imports18 Dec 2003
Royal Society, Spiked etc. versus the "conspiracy theorists"18 Dec 2003
Prince's influence 'bars science honours'18 Dec 2003
Biotech PR taking a new twist18 Dec 2003
NGIN gets award but where’s the money???!17 Dec 2003
Growing human organs on the farm17 Dec 2003
Cows die mysteriously on farm in Hesse/Animals Avoid GM Food16 Dec 2003
The business of world hunger15 Dec 2003
Pusztai papers - lots of links15 Dec 2003
Lula told not to genuflect to multinationals / Zambia exporting (non-GM!) maize15 Dec 2003
Western Australia may adopt blanket GM crops ban12 Dec 2003
Useful summary of Benbrook report on GM and pesticide use12 Dec 2003
Sense About Science showcased on BBC12 Dec 2003
Philip Stott - the fake persona12 Dec 2003
Taverne attacks AEBC / Robert Winston regrets signing Blair letter11 Dec 2003
Sense About Science - The Full Monty11 Dec 2003
GM farm trial scientist’s prejudices11 Dec 2003
Chapela and tenure/Pulse of Scientific Freedom11 Dec 2003
Berkeley accused of biotech bias as ecologist is denied tenure11 Dec 2003
Advisor to the Government/Concentration camp defender is now GM expert11 Dec 2003
Replies to Monbiot from Usual Suspects10 Dec 2003
Blair should declare martial law - Scientific Alliance founder10 Dec 2003
A lady in London and Ignacio Chapela10 Dec 2003
UK defeat on move to widen GM food sales09 Dec 2003
Invasion of the entryists - GM lobbyists exposed09 Dec 2003
Drug-producing GM plants need more research09 Dec 2003
'An affront to the truth' - the director of the Science Media Centre09 Dec 2003
Food Standards Agency must do more to protect public health05 Dec 2003
Chapela's tenure denied - "Pulse of Scientific Freedom" - watch worldwide05 Dec 2003
Italy to set up tighter barriers against GMO imports04 Dec 2003
Biotech Boom Linked to Development Dollars - Critics04 Dec 2003
Prakash says Benbrook's research "pseudo-scientific"03 Dec 2003
Weeding out the skilled farmer02 Dec 2003
US Health Secretary links GM acceptance to help with AIDS in Africa02 Dec 2003
Schmeiser and patents/Campaign against patents on life02 Dec 2003
Mugged by the science mafia02 Dec 2003
Argentina: The catastrophe of GM soya02 Dec 2003
Traces of contaminated grain still showing up in corn supply01 Dec 2003
Pusztai in America01 Dec 2003
GM rice stopped in Japan01 Dec 2003
Defra embraces the new eugenics30 Nov 2003
The pulse of Scientific Freedom - webcast to the world30 Nov 2003
Bishop urges GM probe and pleads to Christians to save Earth28 Nov 2003
GM not feeding the hungry even in America28 Nov 2003
Monsanto offers false promises in Asia28 Nov 2003
Tanzanian parliament blocks government on GM seeds28 Nov 2003
Science in Society 20, Autumn/Winter 200327 Nov 2003
GM opponents should stand trial - golden rice inventor26 Nov 2003
Lord May's claims refuted26 Nov 2003
Report warns of risks posed by GM crops26 Nov 2003
GM advisors fail to answer the ultimate GM riddle25 Nov 2003
GM Crops Now Increasing Pesticide Use in the United States25 Nov 2003
GM warriors have killed the debate25 Nov 2003
Government’s GM advisor calls for new contamination and liability laws25 Nov 2003
"Agriscience Bus" Takes Teachers For a Ride24 Nov 2003
Brazil's Environmentalists Crying Foul21 Nov 2003
Monsanto GM soy safety assessment flawed, researcher says21 Nov 2003
Africa & GM crops: A continent divided20 Nov 2003
America's Thought Control from Corporate Funded 'Think Tanks'20 Nov 2003
German churches argue against the use of GM plants in food and agriculture20 Nov 2003
Government face GM debate criticism20 Nov 2003
Lula betrays but in Paraná, led by a supporter of Lula, resistance thrives/how to contact Brazil's congress19 Nov 2003
Northern Californian ballot on banning GMOs/Company Euthanizes GM goats19 Nov 2003
US and UN target Greenpeace19 Nov 2003
Soil Association on the GM crops trials (FSEs) - Evidence18 Nov 2003
When crops burn, the truth goes up in smoke18 Nov 2003
"Dismal" GM potato a decade away17 Nov 2003
Monsanto promotes banned crops to poor Thai farmers17 Nov 2003
Church's social teaching and the ethics of GMOs16 Nov 2003
Genetically Modified Crops in Africa; hope, hype and hubris16 Nov 2003
Bayer target of noisy protest / Groups sue USDA13 Nov 2003
Bayer under pressure - posts 3rd-quarter net loss of 8M13 Nov 2003
Cabinet papers warn Canada off GM crops13 Nov 2003
Devinder Sharma in US, warns about GM and food security13 Nov 2003
Vatican accused of skewing conference on food production13 Nov 2003
How GM crop trials were rigged/Farmers can set up GM free zones11 Nov 2003
"Cynical & Dishonest Science" in GM Maize Trials11 Nov 2003
African Farmers Need Water, Not GM Crops - FAO Head11 Nov 2003
African priests criticise Vatican GMO conference11 Nov 2003
Europe blocks genetically modified sweetcorn11 Nov 2003
New research and publications on biotech policy and developing countries11 Nov 2003
UK to fight European embargo on GM corn/GM Crops Harm Wildlife - summary/English Nature threatened in revenge for GM crops stance11 Nov 2003
Vatican Ends Biotech Foods Fest11 Nov 2003
Vatican looks to GM food as panacea for hungry and burgeoning global population11 Nov 2003
Trewavas claims intimidation by NGIN and others08 Nov 2003